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Updated: Feb 10

True Graphic Design is a formula, not simply an aesthetic detail. You could conjure up the best product or idea in the world, but without an eye-catching brand, voice, wrapper or presentation, your efforts could be in vain. Rocktopus wants to give you results where your clients will stop with their jaws dropped, thinking “Wow, what is THIS about?”. Don't be a needle in a haystack... become the haystack itself! Capturing the attention of your audience in the first 5 seconds, referred to in the marketing industry as the “Five Second Rule” is a fact. And with the increasing competition in an ever-expanding market, it’s what will make or break your advertisement. Awareness of this rule & of other marketing tactics has decreased tremendously in the graphic design industry, which I find to be unusual since it's more crucial to the customer demographics in most industries now than ever before. I am not just a mere artist, but a strategist who can combine the best of both worlds – provocative creativity & effective marketing strategies. I understand the importance of utilizing design psychology, user experience & investigating the trends of your competitors in relation to why they are on top - and how I can get you even higher up!



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